Which Sweetener to Use?

Jul 10, 2011 by

Article courtesy of the Feingold Association of the United States

There’s so much we don’t know about sweeteners, but the Association does have the accumulated experience of many thousands of families. Combining experience with what we do know, here’s a suggested guideline for choosing sweeteners:

Acceptable choices
The following are healthy choices:

  • Sugar – granulated, confectioner’s, or brown
  • Cane sugar crystals
  • Turbinado and various raw sugars
  • Honey, Molasses, Pure maple syrup
  • Rice syrup and similar syrups
  • Stevia (an herbal no-calorie sweetener found in the supplements section of your supermarket or a health food store)

Acceptable, but don’t overdo
When a sugar name ends in “ol” that means it is an alcohol sugar. Too much has a laxative effect.

Less desirable


Do not use


  1. Paul W.

    I used to haul aspartame from Monsanto in St. Louis Mo. to Hatco Chemical in Fords NJ.to be processed and then it was hauled to University Park Il. where the Nutra Sweet company was located. I was told by employees at Hatco that it would use chemicals found in Phosgene Gas as well as other chemicals. Hatco produced Phosgene Gas for the military in years passed. Most of the plant there was contaminated with these and other dangerous chemicals. At the Nutra Sweet Plant in Illinois employees had to wear filter masks as to not ingest the dust, also they had to wear gloves, not to keep from contaminating the Nutra Sweet, but to keep from being poisoned. I have never or will use it in my food or drink Read The Labels Please!

  2. Megan Fox

    My vote is for honey, its easy to keep and tastes awesome… especially healthy if you get high quality raw organic honey.. yummy!

  3. PrButtrcup

    What does anyone know about Sun Crystals and erythritol?

  4. jenniferhayden

    I find this whole blog extremely interesting, some very thought provoking material.

  5. cheapy01

    I try to steer away from sweetners all together. They just don’t taste good. When I taste them in tea and other drinks, I really lose a desire to finish my drink.

  6. nancyser

    We use the Walmart brand of sweetener (Equate). It taste the closest to real sugar that I have ever found.

  7. Diane

    I have been taking Sweetex which I now see contains sacharine!! Three in every cup, I am going back to sugar, just got to worry about the teeth then!!!

    • Anonymous

      i use splenda whats wrong with it. dietricians even reconmand it.

      • If you click the name above, it links to the Feingold Assoc. site, which has links to studies about Splenda that explain their position on the sweetener.

      • Anonymous

        i use splenda too…sometimes i dont want to read anything..a lot of things scares me

        • tanyaannecrosby

          No offense intended, but what are you doing here, then? This site is for people who care about what they ingest and are willing to do the research to determine – on their own – what they want to put into their bodies.

          • fotoguy

            Amen! Thanks, Tanya, for the helpful guidance.

  8. Lori

    I’d like to mention here that a friend of mine, Steve, was diagnosed 3 years ago with type II diabetes and through careful diet modification, a daily walk, and substituting Stevia and the occasional Agave nectar for regular sugar in cooking/drinks has helped him lose 60 pounds and regulate his blood sugar normally. He now is no longer taking any medications and he’s essentially reversed his diagnosis. After switching from Splenda to Stevia in my own coffee awhile back, I’ve lost one inch off my waist – strange, huh? And yet, I feel better!

  9. Ole

    It really scares me to see that you put sugar under “healthy choices”.. If you eat healthy and varied, you have no need what so ever for consuming refined sugar.

    If you absolutely must sweeten your food with something, I’ll say that Stevia or organic honey would your best choice.

    • tanyaannecrosby

      Hi Ole – this article comes directly (unedited) from the Feingold Agency. I totally agree and personally use raw sugar. I think we’re on the page with our personal choices. But I’m guessing the Agency is putting this in varying degrees and consider sugar a lesser evil in moderation. But you’d have to ask them directly if you want more info.

  10. Lifetime

    I have been using Stevia for the last 10 years, I am very thankful that I now see Stevia not only of course in the health food stores. But at stores like, Bel Aire, Nob Hill, Raleys, Smart Foods, Walmart in their vitamin section. I am so thankful for the fact that we are seeing it finally in many places for people to finally but it and use it.

  11. Karen Kimura

    I agree with most of the article, but putting corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup into the less desireable category is really uncool. It is GMO, which totally wretched for us consumers, but worse yet it is in 95% of candies, cereals, cookies, and most packaged foods. The American consumers have been totally hoodwinked by the big food and toxic corporations like Monsanto, and the politicians are beholden to them because of their campaign contributions. The system is due for an overhaul; we deserve better!

    Check out http://responsibletechnology.org/ and http://www.fooddemocracynow.org/

  12. Dave

    I have just become aware of the dangers of Aspartame (two days ago) 9\12\11 and will never again use it. My first goal is to eliminate it from my system by detoxing for 60 days (eventually permanently as it is a deadly poison that is a slow killer even if the symptoms aren’t as obvious as most people are aware of) and then reevaluating my symptoms. I have already noticed a decreased appetite and lessened fatigue after just 2 DAYS which is weird considering one of its selling points is to LOSE WEIGHT. I have engaged my wife and daughter in staying away from this poison as well… after our OWN experiments we will be back informing others and not just what we have read about it. I for one will tell everyone I know about the dangers and to boycott ANY PRODUCT THAT USES IT.

    Karma will one day take care of the people that brought this poison into our lives, made it legal and then benefited monetarily as our society suffered in ways too numerous to mention while they just bought off anyone who threatened to take their money baby away from them.

  13. Richard (Staffordshire. UK)

    I called in at a local buger chain this afternoon and had a Black Coffee. A really nice young lady served me. When asked if I wanted sugar or sweetener I stated I don’t want the muck with aspartame in it and happily took the Sucralose based sweetener on offer. The young lady told me that a family member used only Aspartame based sweeteners. I remembered Dorway.com from my earlier visits to the site. I gave her the website address and reccomended that her family member should check with her doctor and see if Sucralose would be better for her.
    I applologise unrreservedly to her and will make every effort to contact her again.
    I have just started a diet and used nothing but a sucralose based sweetener. I have stuck to the diet but my weight loss has stalled.
    I will stop using this sweetener and see what happens.

    Is it true that the company now producing aspartame wants us to trust them with GM crops?


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