Do You Trust the FDA?

Recently, a visitor to DORway wrote to me and asked (quite irately), “Do you honestly think that the Food and Drug Administration would allow a dangerous substance to be put in food over the last 30 years without absolute proof that it is HARMLESS?”

Forget aspartame for the moment; ever hear of cigarettes? Those are FDA approved, too. Incidentally, the FDA initially BANNED aspartame – for causing tumors in rats. The history of its approval is shady, and we, at DORway believe the public has the right to know. It’s always really astounded me how annoyed pro-aspartame people get with the simple presentation of information.

DORway has, literally, hundreds of articles written by doctors and links to studies, but because the site is so expansive, I realize it’s difficult to wade through so much info. So for those of you looking for more information, and don’t know where to start, check out the following links:

A list of the most recent aspartame studies NOT conducted by the manufacturer. Many of them are done overseas, you’ll notice. Maybe because they don’t cave to the pressures of U.S. lobbyists representing multibillion dollar corporations and aren’t afraid they’ll lose grant money.

A more comprehensive list of studies, etc, exists here.
Here on DORway, you’ll also see a list of articles written and provided by doctors.

Photocopy of official list of 92 symptoms submitted by YOU the consumer to the FDA.

Photocopy of the original FDA report linking aspartame with cancer, with foreword by Betty Martini.

In my father’s words … why he founded DORway. The title, however, saddens me; he passed away in 2003. There is also a guide to DORway – with links from the original site.

There’s so much more … but this is a great start.

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10 Responses

  1. Of course not, what a silly question.

  2. You will find this site useful for information. It’s the Codex Alimentarius (governed by our friends (haha not!) at the UN) This table shows the products you will find aspartame in and the max quantity permitted. Right from the World Health Organizations mouth (which I bet they don’t feed aspartame and the MANY other toxic substances they put in our food.)

  3. No I DO NOT TRUST THE FDA! They are out just to make money and not caring whether people are dying or not! PURE GREED!!

  4. I cannot trust any organization that says there is an “acceptable” amount of beetle parts, rodent feces, and ‘other foreign matter’ in our food. The amount of steroids given to beef and milk cattle to bring them to marketable condition has brought nothing but disaster in the form of medical problems and condition. Things like 8 through 10 year old girls going into puberty and menses. America has the highest percentage of men suffering from ED. America has the highest percentage of people suffering from Alzheimers disease, Type 2 diabetes and Cancers of various types, just to name a few. Chemical fertilizers are allowed to remain on fruits and vegetables all the way to your table. Washing doesn’t remove them because they were deigned to stay on the food after a rain. Cooking doesn’t remove them. All you can do is try to dilute them through more washing and using some form of cleaner designed to removes them. Yet the FDA allows the continued use of these chemicals that poison us, our children and our land.
    You ask if we can trust the FDA? The answer is a bold NO. we had less people dying from quackery and phony patent medicines before the FDA than we have now under their supervision. Thousands die each year from cancers caused by carcinogens found in FDA approved “SAFE” foods.

    • I have never agreed more with anything I have heard!!! This is so well put and so very (and sadly) true.

  5. In the UK the competent authority is the Medicines and Health care products Regulatory Agency, an executive agency of the Department of Health.

  6. I do not trust them because they are as long as the money

  7. you know what is even sadder than people just assuming something approved by the FDA is safe. People have told me that aspartame is safe and the dangers are a myth, because “snopes” said so….