Poison by Any Other Name… Still Poison

The good news: Public awareness of the dangers of artificial sweeteners is growing.

The bad news: Aspartame producer Ajinomoto is rebranding the sweetener as “AminoSweet.” So while you’re in the grocery store, trying to read those labels, it gets a little trickier. Because the patent on aspartame has expired, it is now in all types of products, which use their own private names and aspartame is already marketed under various trademark names, including NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, Naturtaste, E951, Canderel and Benevia and just 951 in New Zealand. Sometimes, they just put “contains phenylalanine” because the law requires a PKU warning for phenylketonurics who cannot metabolize the phenylalanine in aspartame.

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  1. The only comment I have is thank you for this site!!!!

    • Because the dangers of Aspartame have not been ‘clinically proven’, Doctors will not believe that the drug is the major cause of my daughter’s ill health. She drinks literally gallons of Aspartame sweetened sodas and thus has now developed epilepsy. She has lost her driver’s licence because of blacking-out on occasions (and she still does). The Doctors put her on medication of anti-depressants which turned her into a sort of zombie. She had so many siezures that she had to give up her job and her life must have been hell as she relied on others to drive her to the shops. At one time she ended up in hospital where she was given more anti-depressants. No one has ever come up with the result of the diet sodas being the cause of her illness, except myself, but who am I to argue with Doctors? She also has a partner who is ‘dedicated’ to filling her up with the medications saying “we must do as the Doctors say”. Well I am not a Doctor, but in this case my belief is that the cause of her illness comes down to Aspartmine. At one time when I was visiting her home, I poured all the diet sodas down the sink, and I have never heard the last of that from many members of my family all saying I did the wrong thing. I say: “if any of them found drugs in their children’s rooms, wouldn’t they do the same thing”! Food for thought indeed (no pun intended).

      • Amber, I cannot tell you how sorry I am that someone isn’t willing to cut those artificially sweetend things out of their lives.
        Someone in our family would drink 2-3, 32oz cups of diet Pepsi every day, and would have the audacity to say “just imagine how much weight I would gain if I drank the regularly sweetened sodas”.
        All I could do was laugh at her, not with her. I had even told her about Aspartame issues several years ago, and I think that after suffering heart palpitations, weight gain, and several other ailments, she’s finally not drinking it. Granted, she still has yet to substitute it with something like (*gasp*) water, so she just doesn’t drink much of anything.

      • I cannot drink any of the substitute sweetners. As for being good for weight loss, that’s a crock. I was told by friends and family that regular sugar would make you diabetic. Guess what, it was the aspertame and other artificial sweetners that led me to that plight. All my life I did not eat or drink anything that had regular sugar in it. I have paid the price dearly. Now I drink primarily water and an occasional soft drink that contains real sugar. I have worked hard for years to exercise and eat right only to get diabetes. I have now been taken off my diabetic medication and it coincides with the length of time it took to get off the artificial sweetner. Go figure!!!

    • My husband spent several days saying I have to go to Canadian Tire and pick up this, this and this. We got into the Van and he looked up at me in confusion and said “Where are we going?”

      Off to the Doctor is sent him memory loss like this was very unusual with him. The first thing he did was take him off of Diet Drinks and chocolate. Up to this date we had been drinking tons of pop. We were totally unaware of the danger of Aspartame. At the time he had a bad cough too. Oddly enough cutting chocolate from his diet reduced the coughing. So we stopped diet pop 100%. Now we are confronted with the use of Splenda and it’s affect as we are both diabetics.

      When I looked into the Aspartame issue I found that when it goes into our body and changes temperature in our body it turns to formaldehyde on the brain. If that is not enough get this it takes 20 years to get out of our body.

      Now that is scary. Not 100% sure what Splenda does as this is bleached in the manufacturing process. I am still looking into this plus Salt and Milk issues too.
      I feel that someone has been keeping the truth from us or not recognizing it when they do see it. Very scary!