Military Admits Gulf War Illness is from Aspartame

Military Admits Gulf War Illness is from Aspartame —

I have on good authority from a high U.S. military official who wishes to remain anonymous that the military now admits aspartame caused Gulf War Illness. We’ve known this for many years. See the report I wrote then:

On 60 Minutes an official said, “One thing we don’t understand is why those with Desert Storm Illness have a burning tongue” European Coke victims also complained of this. Dr. James Bowen who has ALS from aspartame explained:

“The intact NutraSweet/aspartame molecule, to which the tongue and its very sensitive neural structures are uniquely exposed, is by far the most potent toxin in the whole picture. The protective mechanism in the tongue elicits burning from the sweet taste buds on the front of the tongue in response to continue or over-whelming exposure by noxious toxins. The phenomenon of the bleed over or shorting out through the damaged myelin sheath with neuropathies in general and methanol alcohol poisoning in specific, is well known to medical science to cause normal sensations to be turned into pain sensations. The very structure of the tongue puts tremendous pressure and shearing forces on the nerves that are involved in it, thereby producing neuropathic pain from sick nerves. “The burning sensation in response to autoimmune inflammation and allergy is a common experience and is well known to anyone with allergic sore throat. The nerves subserving the tongue are cranial nerves not spinal nerves. Therefore, they are not protected the same way spinal nerves are. They exit the skull through small holes called foramina. Bells Palsy and trigeminal neuralgia are examples well known to medical science wherein cranial nerves when swollen cause these types of problems when for any reason they are impinged in the foramina.”

Many victims of Aspartame Disease report “burning tongue” even after several months off the toxin aspartame. Dr. Bowen explained that the burning sensation is common to neuropathies during the recovery period.

There is a report confirming this by the military, which I have requested under Freedom of Information, and it has been seen. To make sure it is released I am asking every person reading this to request it. Email or you can write US Department of Veterans Affairs, 810 Vermont Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20420. Thousands should write because this is an urgent matter. The government says Desert Storm Illness is ALS (Lou Gehrigs). It is a terrifying disease. We want to be sure the government’s report is released as it gives reason to immediately remove aspartame from the planet. Aspartame is added to children’s prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs. It has caused an epidemic of autism, ADD and ADHD. According to the Trocho Study the formaldehyde from the free methyl alcohol released by aspartame embalms living tissue and damages DNA. Damage DNA and you can destroy humanity. I visited Dr. Alemany in Barcelona who conducted the Trocho study, and he told me: “Betty, aspartame will kill 200 million people.” It not only embalms but also causes sudden cardiac death, the reason why so many young athletes drop dead.

Independent scientific peer reviewed medical studies continually show aspartame is unsafe. This has been going on for three decades. FDA ignores them due to their strong ties to the aspartame industry and Big Pharma from which they get most of their revenue. To say it simply: FDA works for the drug industry, not the people! FDA ignored a hundred studies proving aspartame toxicity, such as these:

Three multi-year Ramazzini Studies with thousands of rats which concluded that aspartame “is a multipotential carcinogen”.
A recent Denmark study confirming that aspartame jumps preterm babies up to 78%.

A study by Sharon Fowler at the University of Texas proving it causes obesity.

A recent study proving aspartame causes heart attacks and strokes. There have been three.

A study proving aspartame raises fasting blood sugar.

Something is being done. I have on good authority that aspartame will be removed from the VA Hospital in West Palm Beach and replaced with Just Like Sugar, a sweetener made from chicory and orange peel, Vitamin C and Calcium. Their products have no chemicals, no additives, and only organic food. Three times Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D. wrote in the Blaylock Wellness Report: “Finally a safe sweetener”. Just Like Sugar will soon replace aspartame (Equal) in 76 VA Cantinas and will be the sweetener the U S Navy provides on ships.

Here is a recent email from an Iraq vet:

“I just read the article claiming that aspartame causes brain damage. I am an OIF disabled veteran that began having seizure like episodes while deployed to Iraq, and yes, I drank diet pop. I was diagnosed with PNES, (psychogenic non-epileptic seizures) because the military docs ruled out epilepsy and stopped there. I’m trying to figure out what is wrong with me, because my symptoms have continued to progress and new ones are developing. Do you have any other information that directly links the degradation of aspartame and the development of MS?”

Aspartame trigger seizures: Four types of seizures plus death and sexual dysfunction are named on the FDA list of 92 symptoms from over 10,000 consumer complaints. It’s a list FDA now denies, after all they must protect their generous friends at Big Pharma: Read the reports by H. J. Roberts, M.D. and Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D. on Aspartame and MS:

Aspartame is an adjuvant, an immune stimulator, as Dr. Bowen’s report explains: In a recent interview Dr. Blaylock stated that adjuvants all cause the same things such as ALS, MS, Parkinson’s and lupus. Iraqi troops suffer from all of these dread progressive and eventually fatal diseases, and more. Dr. Bowen’s report explains how aspartame causes lupus. But the aspartame industry pays Congress, uses perks, threats and propaganda to keep their poison on the market, and of course, advertise, advertise, advertise, and we all believe the commercials!

My brother was a Green Beret in Viet Nam where his leg was pierced by the knives in a Viet Cong trap. When they shot down his helicopter he was one of the few survivors. He lost a kidney. Then our mother died and he came home. His entire outfit was destroyed while he was gone, and Robert Geller has been haunted by the death of his buddies ever since. He has a collection of Purple Hearts, but none will alleviate his eternal suffering from Monsanto Agent Orange. But Monsanto wasn’t thru torturing Bob Geller. He started drinking Diet Coke and got addicted to aspartame. The methyl alcohol it releases is a narcotic that creates deadly chronic methanol poisoning which derails the brain’s dopamine system and causes addiction. I warned my hero brother that it brings heart attacks and he could end up with by-pass surgery. He said he was too addicted to give it up. You don’t get addicted to carrots or watermelon, just to poisons like nicotine, cocaine and aspartame. (NutraSweet/Equal/Spoonful/AminoSweet/E951/Canderel/Benevia, etc.) Bob had his heart attack and by-pass surgery. Then he was in a VA Hospital In Portland Oregon and I was told my brother was dying. The loyal, valiant and compassionate Dr. Bowen went to the hospital to demand they refuse him aspartame and he saved Bob’s life.

Finally my brother kicked it, but it was too late and he was air-lifted back to Portland for a pacemaker. He’s now in a nursing home where I saw him two month’s ago. Now with a broken hip that happened in the hospital Bob can’t walk. I explained to doctors and nurses he must not be given artificial sweeteners, and that even after being off the poison it will interact with drugs, as it did. Thus many die from correctly prescribed prescription drugs. The FDA lies to physicians about aspartame so they don’t know it interacts with drugs and vaccines unless they have the medical text, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, 1,000 pages by H. J. Roberts, M.D.

A few miles away in Portland in another rehab center Dr. James Bowen is being treated for multiple paralyses, his ALS. Dr. Bowen served as a Flight Surgeon in Viet Nam not far from where my brother was. When he came home he practiced medicine in the desert, and drank gallons of Diet Kool-Aid laced with aspartame. He developed ALS, Lou Gehrigs. When I lectured to the World Environmental Conference I met a woman who told me they sent the troops caps with thousands and thousands of packets of Diet Kool-Aid because they were ordered not to send anything to the gulf with sugar. Dr. Bowen is also a biochemist, and said if he had seen the formula for aspartame he would never have touched it. A mole in the FDA did send him studies so horrible they weren’t released to the public. Dr. Bowen has spent his life since exposing aspartame and has been threatened and persecuted because of it. He lost his practice, his home and his health, and suffers greatly.

These are only two cases close to me, and their lives have been destroyed. Over the years I’ve spoken to many of the troops suffering from aspartame who are now probably dead. In 2010 it was finally revealed that the whole Vietnamese war was a fiasco started because some North Vietnam gunboats fired at American destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin. Well there were no gunboats; the whole story was a scam. It is a scam that murdered 58,000 young Americans and millions of Vietnamese. But the war made General Dynamics rich. They made the helicopters. Imagine a battle plan where you fly fifty young soldiers in a large slow moving target to a remote site to set up a “fire base” that will instantly be surrounded by the enemy, and your people will be isolated from resupply except by more low flying slow moving helicopters. President Lyndon Baines Johnson taught school 60 miles from the General Dynamics plant in Fort Worth, TX before going into politics. Connect the Dots!
Robert Geller and Dr. James Bowen and other myriads of innocents are either dead or have had their bodies mangled simply to stuff the black hole of corporate greed. I assure you, I warn you, that the tragic victims of Viet Nam are small change compared to the worldwide international populational poisoning by the satanic criminals of aspartame. This weekend is Aspartame Awareness Weekend Do your part to help get the word out. I ask everyone reading this to stop what they are doing and request the report from Freedom of Information at the address given above.

Aspartame is not a safe food additive. It’s an addictive, excitoneurotoxic, carcinogenic, genetically engineered drug and adjuvant. Dr. Bill Deagle calls it a neurotoxic genotoxic molecular food and vaccine pharmaco-genocide.

Dr. Deagle relates: “ While an E.R. doctor and primary care physician in Augusta, GA in 1987 and 1988, I was told a number of interesting facts about the adjacent Aspartame factory. Bacteria with genes inserted generate a sludge which is centrifuged to remove the aspartame and many hundreds of contaminant organic and amino acids are present. We were told not to report illness or worker’s compensation issues for fear of being fired by the hospital, now the Augusta Regional Medical Center. Many of their employees presented with psychiatric, neuropathy conditions, chronic fatigue and organic cases of loss of cognitive function. This powder from the dried sludge was then transported for packaging in factories elsewhere in the US, before sale as Equal and now the myriad of names of this neurotoxin.”

Hear and believe the profound words of Dr. James Bowen to the FDA:. “The only responsible action would be to immediately take aspartame off the market, fully disclose it toxicities, offer full compensation to the injured, public and criminally prosecute anyone who participated in the fraudulent placement of aspartame on the marketplace. That includes those who work so diligently to keep it on the market as well. …. In my opinion this has resulted in the mass poisoning of the American public as well as seventy-plus countries in the rest of the world. .

This note to the FDA was written a quarter of a century ago. Since they were the ones who tried to indict the manufacturer (the defense team hired both US Prosecutors) and revoked the petition for approval, they knew aspartame is a killer. Aspartame was marketed through the political chicanery of Don Rumsfeld.

Today the European Food Safety Authority is doing a review on aspartame at the request of Parliament and the EU but don’t hold your breath as half the committee have links to the aspartame industry: “EFSA Boss: “We were pressured by industry to hijack science.”
Having taken the case histories for 20 years, and lecturing in other countries I can tell you people are sick and dying the world over. To remove aspartame it will take the help of millions. Forward this report to every list, to your friends and family and to Congress.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder,
Mission Possible International,
9270 River Club Parkway, Duluth, Georgia 30097
770 242-2599,,
Aspartame Toxicity Center,


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15 Responses

  1. While I agree that aspartame is a bad substance and a contributing factor in many illnesses, it is absolutely ridiculous to blame aspartame for Gulf War Illness. You need to have statistics to back up claims like that. Tell me how we as Gulf War vets were exposed to aspartame and in what quantities. Tell me why there are vets who haven’t been exposed to aspartame who are just as sick as the ones who have. Tell me why thousands of people who have never been to the Gulf aren’t complaining of the same systems as the vets.

    Right now all I see is hearsay. Yes, there are studies out there that prove aspartame is a toxic substance, but the connection between that and GWI is non-existent.

    • Hi Jean. This is an editorial piece by Betty Martini so I’ll let her respond to specifics. As a journalist, however, I would have the same questions you do.

    • Dear Jean: The reason people who have never been to the Gulf have the same problems is because they are using aspartame here in the States and around the world. I’ve been taking those same cases for 20 years. The report by the military says they did a study which is why I have asked everyone who reads this to request the military report. The ones who didn’t get aspartame were the ones on the front lines who ate out of their MRE’s and none of them got Desert Storm illness. Right at the top of this release you will see a URI and I answer most all questions anyone could have, and wrote this years ago. Did you read it. On top of all this I spoke to so many of the troops in Huntsville and those with Desert Storm Illness had the aspartame problems. Most had ALS. The government did their own study and declared Desert Storm Illness was ALS. Some had brain tumors and, of course, aspartame breaks down to DKP, a brain tumor agent. Dr. Russell Blaylock, neurosurgeon, in a recent interview you can get on google said all adjuvants cause the same things such as ALS, MS and lupus. Aspartame is an adjuvant just like Squalene in the Antrhrax vaccine which probably also contributed. I have people on my Misison Possible lists who are young and have ALS from using diet pop and other aspartame products and never went to the Gulf. Aspartame at 86 degrees breaks down into formaldehyde cocktails. Some of the trooops told me the diet drinks sat on pallets for as long as 9 weeks at a time in the 120 degree Arabian sun. The troops never had a chance. They got everything aspartame causes that I had been taking cases on. I once looked at the list of symptoms of Gulf War Illness. They not only were exactly the same as the FDA list of 92 symptoms but almost in the same order. Write for the military report and all the rest of your questions will be answered.

      All my best,

  2. Thank you for your response Betty. I still have a hard time believing this since I am a Gulf War vet with GWI and I haven’t had that exposure to aspartame. I also don’t have ALS, but I do have many of the GWI symptoms. I know many vets who are also sick, but they do not have ALS either.

    If there is proof that aspartame causes ALS, why hasn’t the FDA pulled it from the market?

  3. Dear Jean,

    When the military did a study years ago they declared that Gulf War Illness was ALS, but that’s not all they have. Many have other aspartame problems like MS, lupus, brain tumors, fibromyalgia, psychiatric problems, etc. Did you read the report I wrote years ago that is in the article with a URL. What problems do you have? The FDA has strong loyalty to the aspartame industry now although to begin with they tried to have the company for fraud (they were trying to show this poison could prove and got caught with doing things like excising brain tumors from rats, putting them back in the study and then when they died resurrected them on paper).and even revoked the petition for approval. Have you seen Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World? I petitioned the FDA to ban it in 2002 and they had 180 days to answer and have ignored it. So an attorney told me to write an amendment based on an imminent health hazard which as to be answered in a week or tne days They ignored it. They did call in 2009 and when I said people are sick and dying all over the world they told me “So what, we have to depopulate”. That is your compassionate FDA!

    All my best,

  4. What study was done saying that GWI is ALS? My disability paperwork says Gulf War Syndrome on it. I have never been told I have ALS, nor has it ever been mentioned to me in conjunction with GWI.

    I did read your paper at that URL listed above. Again, I am not disagreeing that aspartame can cause or contribute to disease, but aspartame is not the only thing to cause symptoms similar to ALS or GWI or any of the other issues noted. Since ALS has been around a lot longer than aspartame, it can be concluded that there are other triggers.

    I got sick when I went to the Gulf for Desert Storm in 1990/1991. I had joint pain, muscle pain, migraines, rashes, memory problems, fatigue, etc. I got most of that under control through holistic medicine in the mid 90’s. Then in 1999/2000 I had the anthrax shots and got sick worse than before. Many of the same symptoms, but the muscle pain was now worse than the joint pain. Five years later the WRIISC finally diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and CFS.

    I have not seen Sweet Misery, but I will try to watch it if I can find it online.

    My symptoms have not come from aspartame ingestion. While aspartame may have contributed to illness in some vets, I believe there are other things out there that contribute as well. GWI is most likely not the product of one single exposure, but many exposures that have accumulated in our systems to the point of overload. The vets are being diagnosed with different conditions, but they mostly seem to be autoimmune related. There is much about the immune system that is still not competely understood by doctors.

    The variety of diagnoses is probably due to the different combinations of exposures, genetics, and tolerance levels. I can down with fibro (if that is indeed true), my buddy came down with MS, another one came down with acute onset RA, some of the guys did not come down with anything. Some of the folks who deployed got sick, some of the folks who didn’t deploy got sick.

    If aspartame is causing ALS, why isn’t there an acute increase in the disease in the civilian population?

  5. Dear Jean,

    The University of Florida did a study on fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, and found that when aspartame and MSG were removed it disappeared. You don’t seem to think you got aspartame but I should tell you that it is now estimated to be in 14,000 products and hidden in artificial and natural flavors. The problems you are discussing the vets have are the main things that aspartame cause. The medical text, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, by H. J. Roberts, M.D. is 1000 pages and every problem you discussed vets have are listed in the medical text. One physician said the reason it causes so many problems is probably the fact it damages the mitochondria or the powerhouse of the cell.

    Cancer has been going on long before aspartame was created but aspartame causes cancer too just like FDA toxicologist, Dr. Adrian Gross told Congress, when he said it violated the Delaney Amendment which forbids putting anything in food you know will cause cancer. Three Ramazzini Studies have shown aspartame to be a multipotential carcinogen, so the fact there were diseases before aspartame approval has absolutely nothing to do with the fact aspartame causes them.

    When I lectured for the World Environmental Conference, Dr. Clarice Gaylord of the EPA said, “We have an epidemic of MS and lupus and cannot identify the toxin,.” I said, “I’m Betty Martini of Mission Possible International, and I’m here to lecture on MS and lupus and identify the toxin as NutraSweet. These diseases are epidemic in the population as the EPA declared.

    However, other things certainly can contribute like the Squalene in Anthrax vaccine. As Dr. Blaylock said in an interview, all ajuvants cause the same thing, ALS, MS, lupus, Parkinson’s, etc. So it could have been a double whammy. In the case of other biological warfare weapons aspartame would make them much worse because of chemical hypersensitization.

    You have the same things in Iraq because aspartame is still being used and I know because the vets write and call about their problems. Read the FDA report of 92 symptoms . Joint pain is caused by aspartame because it hardens the synovial fluids as found on studies in 6 foreign countries and never published but Dr. Roberts who writes on it all the time says its the whole chemical mess. You might want to read the medical text.

    This does not mean that other things can cause these problems too. Squalene, an adjuvant and aspartame, an adjuvant, both cause ALS.

    However, from taking the case histories for 20 years on aspartame, it is my personal opinion if no aspartame was ever given the vets 50,000 vets would probably still be alive. Aspartame is a killer. Like Dr. Alemany told me in Barcelona, “Betty, aspartame will kill 200 million people.”

    It was rumored that when Coke and Pepsi sent their diet pop to the Persian Gulf it was already broken down, but thats usually the case anyway. Jennifer Cohen had Winston lab test Diet Coke from the fridge, in room temperature and Diet Coke in an incubator. Even the Diet Coke that was in the fridge was already broken down to formaldehyde and DKP, the brain tumor agent. With it being in 120 degree Arabin sun, the vets were just drinking poison everyday.

    I have no idea all you consumed but by the fact you had Anthrax vaccine you had an adjuvant which would make it worse as you expressed. I would think every case would have to be taken on its own merit, as to how much aspartame, Anthrax and other biological warfare weapons, but on the whole I agree with the military. I believe from the cases I have taken over the years if no aspartame had been consumed by the troops even though some may have gotten sick, for the most part most would be alive today. Many died from aspartame brain tumors, and aspartame ALS. I was shocked in talking to some of the vets when they told me how many had ALS which is such a terrifying disease, and how many seizures, MS, lupus, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia cases there were. I take these type of cases everyday. The the victims are chemically hypersensitive for life and if they are not warned and abstained they can die from anaphylactic shock. In Sweet Misery, the woman told the hospital she was chemically hypersensitive because she was an aspartame victim. They gave her Crystal-Lite with aspartame and she became a code blue and they had to ressussitate her to save her life. You would be surprised how many cases I hear like this.

    I’m absolutely in agreement with the report although understand other things can play a part and make it worse. When the official on 60 Minutes said we don’t understand why those with Desert Storm Illness have a burning tongue it hit it right on the head. A Texaco man once told me when they use to keep Diet Coke in front of service stations in Atlanta that when people complained of the burning tongue Coke would always pick it up. Because I’m here in Atlanta they keep Diet Coke inside instead of in front of service stations and 7-Elevens. However, I see it in other cities.

    All my best,

  6. Jean when you say what study showed ALS, I wrote this report you said you read because of the government’s study and its mentioned. Here’s part of it from the report:

    “Another recent article by Bob Mackle is titled Two Studies Show Gulf War Vets Have Double ALS Risk:

    “Two new studies appearing in the journal Neurology, one privately funded, the other federally supported, both report an above-average occurrence of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis among Persian Gulf War deployed veterans.” (Sept 23rd issue)

    “A privately funded study by Robert W. Haley of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas and a government-funded study by Ronnie D. Horner of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke in Bethesa, Md., both depict a roughly two fold risk of ALS development for U.S. veterans who were actively deployed in the Persian Gulf between August 2, 1990, and July 31, 1991, when compared with nondeployed U.S. military personnel.”

    “With deployed troops developing ALS more frequently and, maybe more importantly, much earlier in life than average, the two studies raise the question of whether an environmental factor could have triggered an early onset of the disease.”….

    All my best,

  7. You state that there is a report and you have seen it…. If there is such a report, why didn’t you cite it better or provide a copy of it? If you got it thru the FOIA, then it is available to everyone. But NOT from the VA. They don’t know anything about it. You are stating certain “facts”, but providing very little to support those facts. Why are you telling everyone to go to the VA for a “military” (DoD) document? They are not FOIA related. So where are you getting your information on the report? What’s the title, author, who in the “military” produced it? If you “saw” it, you should be able to give a lot more basic information on it.
    I want to see the report. But you have given the reader very little (actually, no) credible information to go by.

  8. Hi guys, I just want to interject to say that I’m heartened by the ongoing conversation and exchange of questions here. It’s important to me that DORway remain available as a conduit of information. There is no doubt that Betty Martini is a tireless advocate for the public and her motivations are completely humanitarian in nature. She was a partner with my father in the very beginning and while she and I have very different reporting practices (since I do come from a journalism background and she does not) so I’ve made an exception to my normal editorial rules for her posts. There is really no one who knows more about this issue than she does and she’s not pretending to be a journalist. She’s just a concerned citizen who is doing her best to bring information to the pubic. Whether or not she’s giving you sources, she’s providing a service. Please feel free to ask for her sources and for further clarification — you have that right and I would too — but keep it respectful. Accusatory comments will be removed. No one has crossed this line as yet, but we’re getting close. Do keep the conversation going, but keep it respectful please.

  9. Dear Aaron,

    As far as Foia it is through the VA. It was someone in the military who gave me the address. Actually, I’ll try to find it and email it to you – the list he gave me. It’s 180 names but only one snail mail address and one email address, all for the VA. That’s where the report came from. Yes I know who has seen it and they told me something about it. I’ve known about it for some time but was trying to get the report myself. Then I was told to go ahead and put out the news and ask thousands to write for it at this address because then they will release it. It’s not something you are going to see on the 6:00 o’clock news.

    This information came from high up in the military and the only thing seen was the first page where it says a study has been done and it has been concluded that aspartame caused Gulf War Illness. I personally believe by replacing aspartame in the VA Hospitals and Naval ships they are trying to do something about it.

    I have written for the report and definitely will put it on email when it comes.

    At the beginning of the report you see a URL for a report I wrote years ago and I wrote it because of the study done by the government saying ALS was increased in Gulf War Illness and when I spoke to the troops they told me the government said Gulf War Illness is ALS, but that’s now all, many get lupus and MS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, headaches, seizures and all the symptoms listed on the FDA report of 92 symptoms which you will find on The troops told me they had little water to drink and that diet soda sat on pallets for at least 9 weeks at a time in the 120 degree Arabian sun and they drank them all day.

    I also spoke at the time with those on the front lines who ate out of their MRE’s and had no aspartame. They told me none got Gulf War Illness or symptoms of any kind. My son at the time was living in Huntsville and lined me up with the troops. He use to be in the service himself.

    When I was lecturing in England there was a big meeting of the UK Gulf War Research Association and I personally spoke to officials and explained what I knew. I also sent them a report which I still have.

    If the troops in the Gulf were here in the US and consuming aspartame sitting in 120 degrees they would have experienced the same things. This is why Dr. Woodrow Monte asked for a hearing when aspartame was approved – because he lived in Arizona where it gets up to 117 degrees. They denied the hearing and lobbyists were sent to Arizona. Finally when he got the hearing a bill that had already been passed on toxic waste had the guts of it removed, and in its place material that deregulated artificial sweeteners and prevented the meeting. Read it in the 8 month investigation of aspartame by United Press International. It is on and on the front page of – scroll down to banners.

    People in the US are getting the same problems. What would you expect drinking diet pop in 120 degree Arabian sun? The burning tongue!! Sure enough on 60 Minutes one officials says nobody understands why those with Gulf War Illness had a burning tongue. This is what you get with drinking aspartame broken down. It’s what happened.

    When I wrote the report I did exactly what was told for me to do by someone from the military themselves.

    All my best,

  10. I wrote “Dr. Bill Deagle” on Google.
    He is not a funny guy. Too much…
    Dr. Martini, i don’t understand
    why you refer to him.
    You don’t help you, and the cause.
    A man like him discredit the cause.

  11. With reference to Dr. Deagle. He knows the famed Dr. John Olney who tried to prevent the approval of aspartame, who told him how deadly it is. Then he worked near the Augusta, Georgia NutraSweet Plant and took care of aspartame victims. He is a scholar on the subject and a whistleblower. He has done a lot of help the effort including going to Hawaii to talk to the Senate and House to make a difference. He has done a lot of radio shows to warn the public not to use aspartame.

  12. Betty,

    I am too tired tonight to digest and comprehend your entire answer, but I can address the first sentence …

    “The University of Florida did a study on fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, and found that when aspartame and MSG were removed it disappeared.”

    I can assure you that I am not getting any aspartame or MSG in my diet and yet I still have the symptoms of fibromyalgia and CFS. While I don’t doubt that aspartame causes many problems, I still don’t understand how you can make a blanket statement that this is the problem when for me it clearly isn’t.

    I’ll get back to this on the weekend when I get a chance and am more rested so I can better understand what I am reading. I appreciate your attempts to clarify your stance, but sometimes it is hard for me to follow if I don’t have direct links to information.

    Take care …

  13. Dear Jean,

    Thanks for writing again.
    I have no idea if you accidently got aspartame or not but they wouldn’t allow sugar in the Gulf and whether it was mixed I don’t know. Nor do I have any idea i why you have fibromyalgia. With aspartame it’s because it hardens the synovial fluids and as Dr. Roberts says who wrote the position paper on fibromyalgia, its the whole chemical mess since all components of aspartame are poison. He calls fibromyalgia a junkbucket diagnosis. I suspect you could get joint pain therefore from other biologic war weapons since its the poisnous nature of aspartame that causes it according to Dr. Roberts. There is no way for me to know about your case or what you have consumed or been around. Those who have it from aspartame are many times chemically hypersensitive for life and you have to be careful. Interestingly on Dateline there was a debate on fibromyalgia. One doctor said it didn’t exist and the other doctor said it did, and that all fibromyalgia patients are depleted in serotonin. That’s something else aspartame does.

    Now with aspartame usually you get off of it and the fibromyalgia disappears. However, some orthopedic surgeons have told me they find necrosis under the joints of those who have used aspartame. So when someone has had damage from it I refer them to Dr. Ross Hauser of Oak Park, Illinois who does prolotherapy and cures it. I asked him to write an article about it and here it is: I don’t know where you live and there are other prolotherapists but I know Dr. Hauser was trained by the famed Dr. Hemwall who died in his 90’s and saved me after an accident that would have kept me bedridden for life.

    So if you’re still suffering send me a private email and tell me where you live, and I’ll give you some other information you might like having. The whole idea is for you to get well, regardless of how you got it.

    According to the Atlanta Journal Chronic Fatigue Syndrome became epidemic in 1983. The article was called The Enemy Within. It said that therefore it had to be something people consumed. 1983 is when aspartame was approved for diet drinks. In the case of aspartame is because it destroys the immune system and other things do too. Dr. Roberts and I attended the Conference of Physicians and Surgeon at the World Congress Center many years ago. We went to a workshop where chronic fatigue was on the list of discussions. We couldn’t wait to hear this. When the professor got down to Chronic Fatigue he said, “Let’s just skip this one because we just don’t know.” We really had to laugh because we did. The Epstein Bar Association changed their name to Chronic Fatigue and wrote an article with things to avoid with aspartame at the top of hte list.

    All my best,