Dr. Mark Gold on Aspartame

Previous WEBmasters comment:

Mr. Mark Gold has an excellent site on holistic healing… where I discovered the newly posted (June 1996) FDA compiled list of 92 symptoms of poisoning that I credit with literally saving my life… and which, after receiving no help from the media, medical system, or even a response from the FDA/DHHS to my certified letter of complaint, was the reason for DORway.com becoming a reality.

Mr. Gold has researched many subjects over the past 25 years with aspartame being just one of them. His concise, succinct and expert analysis of both pro and con documentation is very helpful in promoting the whole truth about such substances.

Mark has created many very valuable documents that have added great value to DORway.com… as follows:

Mark’s Overview of aspartame.

History of aspartame getting to market.

Aspartame Testing on Humans

Reported Aspartame Toxicity Effects

Files created for DORway:

Bad News Most of the FDA’s 92 symptoms of poisoning.

Rebuttal To the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation disinformation posted on the IFIC (junk food PR) web site.