Dr. H.J. Roberts

H.J.Roberts, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.C.C.P., is a Board-certifiedinternist in West Palm Beach, and an internationally respectedmedical consultant and researcher. He is on the Staff of GoodSamaritan Hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital, Director of the PalmBeach Institute for Medical Research (since l964), and a member ofprestigious medical and scientific organizations–including TheEndocrine Society and the American Academy of Neurology. Hispublications include ten acclaimed texts and more than 220 originalarticles and letters; many deal with researches in challengingneurological disorders. Twenty years into his long career hevoluntarily re-certified with American Board of Internal Medicine:his high marks helped to insure he remained as current as his peers.

Dr. Roberts is listed in WHO’S WHO IN AMERICA,WHO’S WHO IN MEDICINEAND HEALTH CARE, WHO’S WHO IN THE WORLD, WHO’S WHO IN SCIENCE ANDTECHNOLOGY, and THE BEST DOCTORS IN THE U.S. Unbeknown to him, theeditors of a national medical publication selected Dr. Roberts as”The Best Doctor in the U.S.” He has been knighted by the Order ofSt. George for his professional and humanitarian efforts.

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